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B03404[1].jpg (36193 bytes) ASN 4205  - 24 Blocks for Kids' Quilts $10.50
asn4219[1].jpg (61561 bytes) asn4219 24 Tropical Quilt Blocks $10.95
4204[1].jpg (33353 bytes) asn4204 101 Applique' Blocks -  Using these designs is a fun-filled adventure in creating a lively appliqué quilt. All 101 patterns are designed to be stitched on a 9 1/2 inch square background using either hand or machine techniques (we show both). Great for beginners or more experienced quiltmakers. $19.95
4202[1].jpg (24223 bytes) asn4202 101 Crazy Quilt Blocks $19.95
4181[1].gif (38727 bytes) asn4181 101 Log Cabin Blocks with Full-Size Patterns for Foundation Piecing by Linda Causee - Everyone who loves Log Cabin Blocks will love this book! $18.95

asn101logcabinblocks.jpg (103932 bytes)

ASN 4190 LA119671

101 Log Cabin Blocks for Small Projects - Whether you are looking for a quick-to-make gift or small quilt blocks for a doll quilt or wall hanging, this volume is perfect for sparking your imagination. We've included 101 full-size patterns for foundation-pieced Log Cabin blocks to use in whatever creation you desire. Ten projects and quilt designs are included. 116 pages.


4193[1].jpg (25274 bytes) asn4193 101 Log Cabin Flowers - Just about every quilter loves the versatile Log Cabin block - and this book includes 101 different variations, each with a floral theme. Even if you've never foundation pieced a Log Cabin block, following these step-by-step instructions will have you building Log Cabins like a pro! $18.95

Q101ninepatch.jpg (84488 bytes)


101 Nine Patch Quilts - Never before have there been so many Nine Patch designs collected between the covers of one book! Strip techniques allow even beginners to make quilts in hours, rather than months or years. Marti's old friends will want to add this exciting volume to their library of quilt books. 116 pages in full-color.


4176[1].gif (35238 bytes) asn4176 101 Patchwork Potholders by Linda Causee - Linda Causee once again is up to presenting 101 blocks! These blocks have been made into 8 1/2 potholders to decorate a kitchen, make great gifts for family and friends, use as trivets, quilts or wallhangings. All the blocks in this book are either four- or nine-patch and are made using the same template patterns, working up to a finished size of 8 x 8 square. 116 pages include step-by-step piecing instructions. $18.95
4182[1].gif (32659 bytes) asn4182 101 Quilt Blocks for Hand Piecing by Linda Causee - Patchwork goes portable in our newest 101 Series book of quilt blocks, complete with full-size patterns and helpful instructions for quilters on the go-from beginners to experts. Updating the old notion that hand piecing is only for folks with too much time on their, well, hands, this book shows how hand piecing can actually simplify the process of assembling some quilt blocks-particularly those with curves or seams that unite in a point. Best of all, your stitching project can be toted along in your purse while your sewing machine rests at home! Featuring many classic designs along with some innovations, this collection will instill new enthusiasm in every quiltmaker. 132 pages. $18.95

QB119188.jpg (80439 bytes)

asn4189 la119188 

202 Little Log Cabin Blocks - Here’s a collection of blocks that you will use time and time again. Of course you’ll use them for little or mini quilts-that’s obvious. But our staff quilters are enthused about their other uses. Some plan to use them for Birthday and Christmas cards throughout the coming years. Others are planning to make new vest using all their favorite designs. Their small size makes them a neat choice for border or corner setting blocks. And we heard that a local quilt guild member is using them for nifty name tags.


4177[1].gif (31673 bytes) asn4177 Creating Curves with Log Cabins for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt by Marti Michell - For many years quilters have been fascinated by the design possibilities of the Log Cabin quilt block. Now people are turning with the same fascination to Curving Log Cabin designs. Learn Marti Michell's special time-saving techniques for pattern-free piecing and really understand them, thanks to her wonderful teaching style. 45 pages. $10.50
4200[1].jpg (21447 bytes) asn4200 Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilts -Take the friendly and familiar nine-patch block and slice it up under the guidance of this trusted teacher. The results are amazing. Even seasoned quilters will be fascinated by the creative results of this easy-to-do technique. 16 pages  $9.50
asn4209hankypankycrazyquilts.jpg (24518 bytes) asn4209 Hanky Panky Crazy Quilts - Cindy answers the question, What shall I do with Grandmother's old hankies? Using the cherished hankies in a crazy quilt along with other sentimental trinkets is the perfect solution. Twelve quilts in full color are shown to give you the inspiration to make your own heirloom that will be treasured for years to come. 32 pages, full color. $10.95
4201[1].jpg (23192 bytes) asn4201 Ribbon Embroidery for Crazy Quilts - Crazy quilting and ribbon embroidery, needlework techniques that were enjoyed during Victorian times, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity now. This book is the perfect resource for crazy quilt enthusiasts who will find a wonderful selection of 59 ribbon designs to enhance and add dimension to their quilts. 24 pages. $9.50
4199[1].jpg (25606 bytes) asn4199 Learn to Be A Wacky-Pinwheel Quilting Wizard - You may already be familiar with Wacky-Wedge quilts where each block is formed with eight wedge-shaped pieces. In this book, we use triangles and apply a similar technique to form Wacky Pinwheels. No other technique magically transforms on piece of fabric into so many different-looking blocks! 20 pages. $10.50
4198[1].jpg (23799 bytes) asn4198 Learn to Be a Wacky-Star Quilting Wizard - In this book we use a Kite-shape template and apply a technique similar to the Wacky-Wedge Wizard to form Wacky Stars. Includes instructions for five sparkling star blocks and instructions for using two of the blocks to make quilts. 20 pages. $10.50
4197[1].jpg (24312 bytes) asn4197 Learn to Be a Wacky-Wedge Quilting Wizard - You will feel like a wizard when you see the amazing array of blocks that appear after cutting and sewing wedges from just one single fabric. No other technique magically transforms one piece of fabric into so many blocks. 20 pages. $10.50
4195[1].jpg (27541 bytes) asn4195 Look What I See Quilts - Use fascinating conversion prints, a special print collection or even photo memories to make these two- patch quilts that look much more difficult than they are. 36 pages. $9.50

QPatchworkminusmathwork.jpg (65998 bytes)


Patchwork Minus Mathwork - Whether you enjoy math or absolutely cringe at the thought of working with figures, you'll love this book. We've done all the tedious mathematical work, so that you can more quickly decide how much fabric and batting to purchase for your patchwork quilts.


4188[1].gif (38002 bytes) asn4188 Iron-On Transfers for Quilt Labels by Barbara Baatz - This collection of iron-on transfers is a fast and easy way to have a beautiful label, that’s been creatively designed, in little or no time. Simply iron it on to the fabric, use a fine permanent pen to fill in your personalizing information and whipstitch it to the black of the quilt. Voila! The perfect label. Although it is purely optional, we have included some tips on colorizing and embellishing with embroidery. $8.50
4186[1].jpg (9350 bytes) asn4186 Learn to Machine Quilt in Just One Weekend $7.95
4187[1].gif (41025 bytes) asn4187 Learn to do Redwork - You’ve admired the charm of redwork quilts from the 30s…now you can create a captivating redwork quilt of your own. We’ve included 77 blocks from the past with easy-to-follow instructions for doing the redwork embroidery. Linda Causee has designed four quilts using the blocks-a bed-size log cabin, a child’s quilt and two wall hangings- and included complete how-tos for all! $15.95
4186[1].gif (35607 bytes) asn4186 Learn to Machine Quilt in Just One Weekend by Marti Michell - Marti Michell teaches popular and practical machine quilting techniques, from “in-the-ditch” to free-motion, with loads of useful tips for beginners and experienced quilters. Includes complete instructions for making two quilts. $7.95
4185[1].gif (43026 bytes) asn4185 Learn to Make a Crazy Quilt by Linda Causee - Quilt lovers are crazy about crazy quilts, and we offer an excellent resource for learning this popular, foundation-pieced style. We present five sensational crazy quilts – along with complete patterns and embroidery stitch instructions – in this multi-language book. $16.95
4179[1].gif (40186 bytes) asn4179 Learn to do Appliqué in Just One Weekend by Nancy Brenan Daniel - Learn to do Appliqué in Just One Weekend by Nancy Brenan Daniel $7.95
4178[1].gif (40517 bytes) asn4178 Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches and Motifs by Linda Causee - This book will give quilters the confidence they need to use luscious fabrics in their own unique crazy quilt and then embellish it with wonderful embroidery stitches, ribbon embroidery motifs and charms. This is a wonderful reference for anyone who enjoys needlework. There are 90 Crazy Quilt Stitches that are illustrated with how-to instructions so there are enough stitches and variations to use a new creative stitch for each seam of the patchwork. In addition there are eleven Ribbon Motifs that are wonderful for adding dimension to crazy patchwork. For each ribbon motif we've included a stitching diagram to use as a blueprint for creating beautiful ribbonwork. 68 pages $17.95

AASNpostagestampquilts.jpg (79186 bytes)

Learn to Make Postage Stamp Quilts The 21st Century Way


asn4220[1].jpg (79214 bytes) asn4220 One-Patch triangle Quilts $12.95
16506[1].jpg (15693 bytes) ASN 4224 Pillows with Personality

At last! The perfect quilting design book for the pillow connoisseur. Softcover 130-page book contains 77 quilt designs for decorative pillows to suit any reason, any season, any room and anyone. Bet you can't make just one!

4111.JPG (30536 bytes) asn4111 Quilting for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt $8.00
4183[1].gif (39157 bytes) asn4183 Quilting for People who Still Don’t Have Time to Quilt by Marti Michell - More than 50 fabulous bed quilts and wallhangings are presented in this big, new, full-color book from popular instructor Marti Michell. Quilters of every skill level will benefit from the expert tips and practical techniques for making terrific, usable quilts. Detailed, step-by-step instructions and vivid helpful illustrations are included, along with yardage requirements. This comprehensive, fully-indexed book belongs in every quilter’s library. $24.95

asnsunbonnetsuealivewell.jpg (100833 bytes)

ASN4166 LA105947

Sunbonnet Sue Is Alive and Well - This newly released book is a testament to the fact that Sunbonnet Sue has a place in today's fast-paced technological world.


asn4153stripquitlsinahurry.jpg (21452 bytes) asn4153 Strip Quilts in a Hurry - Use modern strip piecing and rotary cutters to make quilts in record time. $8.5
weekendlogcabinsquiltsasn4126.jpg (20212 bytes) Weekend Log Cabin Quilts


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